Businesses of All Sizes Are Vulnerable, Know What Extortion Dangers To Be Aware Of

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Ransomware is at the forefront of every IT security professional’s mind. Preventing cyberattacks needs to be top-of-mind and the highest priority for businesses of all sizes. A single attack not only cripples the entire organization but will have a lasting impact on revenue, customer relations, and trust.

In this edition of the Next Phase Cybersecurity Podcast, Secure Anchor Consulting’s Dr. Eric Cole talks with BlackBerry Principal Threat Researcher Lysa Myers to discuss the current state of ransomware. The podcast goes on to advocate for the merits of a prevention-first approach, that leverages proactive monitoring and analytical systems in order to stop threats before they become attacks.

Listen to the full podcast to gain deeper insights into ransomware and what strategies may be used to stop it.

Jun 22, 2022
Jun 22, 2022
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