Data protection experts weigh in on SaaS backup confusion

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The cloud has transformed IT operations -- and data protection is no exception. Many organizations, however, still fail to properly back up their SaaS applications.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a division of TechTarget, recently released the findings of its 2021 survey on cloud data protection. Those findings suggest that, while cloud backup is on the rise, there is still much confusion about the roles and responsibilities related to SaaS data protection. In some especially alarming cases, organizations run mission-critical SaaS applications without backup.

In this Q&A, provided to SearchDataBackup from ESG, two analysts explore a lack of awareness around SaaS backup and the reasons behind it. They also discuss where SaaS providers and backup vendors have a responsibility to step in and educate the organizations they work with.

The Q&A contains insights from Christophe Bertrand, ESG senior analyst, and Vinny Choinski, ESG senior lab validation analyst. Monya Keane, senior research analyst at ESG, moderated the discussion.

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Jun 3, 2022
Jun 3, 2022

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