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A lot of organizations are moving to cloud data warehouses such as AWS Redshift which gives them faster query performance and lower costs owing to pay-as-you-go feature. However, a move to AWS Redshift has its own set of challenges,. When companies make this shift, they’re not just moving their data objects to the cloud, but ETL and visualization layers as well.

Hexaware’s Amaze® for Data & AI is a cloud re-platforming solution that can migrate Data warehouse ecosystem- Data Objects, Data Pipeline and Data Visualization layers to AWS Redshift ensuring best fitment of on-premises ETL workloads along with its SQL script support when migrating to AWS Glue or Talend and business reports when migrating to Tableau , it performs an automated assessment of your Data Warehouse landscape to determine its complexity, define the architecture blueprint and estimate effort and TCO benefits.

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Hexaware Technologies
Jun 2, 2022
Jun 2, 2022

This resource is no longer available.