Case Study: How Replatforming With Hexaware Saves 40% TCO

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One of the largest consumer electronics retailer in the US wanted to modernize its custom-built Java web app running on the Oracle database and Websphere. Since this was a business-critical application, the client needed a solution that could automate the process of app and data migration to Azure along with zero downtime for the end users.  Hexaware proposed Amaze® for mass cloud migration.

Take our short survey and tell us about your current cloud migration challenges to gain access to this case study.  Learn how Hexaware helped facilitate the migration and in the process:

  • Lessened migration time by 70% due to automated refactoring with Amaze®
  • Provided a 40% TCO savings due to the elimination of commercial database and middleware cost, including the benefits received by automated re-platforming using AMAZE.
Hexaware Technologies
May 26, 2022
May 26, 2022

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