Understanding the options for modernizing IT

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Many IT shops equate modernizing their infrastructure with migrating to the cloud. But just doing that can be overwhelming unless you understand what to migrate, what to throw away, what to rebuild, and what to replace with a service provider. Our new ebook explains how to develop an intelligent, sustainable modernization plan. Take our short survey on your cloud migration plans and get it now, for free.

Moving from a legacy environment to a more modern one is not just about migrating everything as is to the cloud. Learn how to asses your software inventory and the seven main choices you have with each application. They range from moving an application as is, virtualizing it, refactoring the code, to retiring it completely, with several other options available as well. This ebook will give you insights into the best way to move forward and it's yours now just for taking our brief survey.

May 13, 2022
May 13, 2022

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