How to support remote work as a SMB

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The big changes in the way people work that have swept through society since the pandemic began are straining the resources of some small and midsized companies. Communications has become an even more critical capability, and our new e-books hows how SMBs can keep up with the big guys in modernizing their comms infrastructure. It's free and available now if you take our brief survey on unified communications purchase plans.

The Age of Anytime, Anywhere details how flexible work is now a must to connect workers with each other and customers with the company. With 90% of customer issues requiring more than self-service, the stakes are high. Learn how voice, conferencing, online events and other ways to communicate are increasingly key. And why SMBs have to seriously consider buying unified communications as a service, or risk wasting their inherent flexibility and innovative potential to the big guys with deep pockets. Take our short surey and learn more.

May 4, 2022
May 4, 2022

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