Moving from calls to conversations with customers

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Contact centers, IVR systems, email and even webchat were once cutting edge ways to reach customers, but increasingly, they avoid them. And that means avoiding buying your products. Our new free e-book, Becoming Conversational, explains how AI-driven, asynchronous text messaging can create conversations with customers that they appreciate and respond to. It's yours just for taking our brief survey on your contact center purchasing plans.

You'll learn how AI engines can send customers highly relevant and timely messages, and best practices for how to create them. Discover how this new format fits in with your existing contact center operations and staff, and what technologies are needed to implement this approach. The e-book will give you a soup to nuts view of the technical, business and human dimensions to automated, conversational communications. Just take our short survey and it's yours, now.

May 4, 2022
May 4, 2022

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