Overcome IoT Application Challenges with In-Memory Computing

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IoT enables a much greater level of automation. Real-time processing of IoT data can make your systems much smarter and more responsive, but that can be challenging given the volume and throughput rate of data IoT devices generate. Our latest report explains how in-memory databases and processing can break that logjam. And it's your for free if you take our short survey on your in-memory database purchase plans.

Learn about how in-memory systems can eliminate the conflicts between operational and analytic systems and preserve operational speed while enabling up-to-date analytics. The report details how APIs enable customization of these systems. And you'll get a better understanding of how to use the best of both operational and analytic systems to create powerful hybrid approaches. Take our short survey and get started today.

Iron Horse Interactive
Apr 13, 2022
Apr 13, 2022

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