Royal Holloway: Information security of the 2016 Philippine automated elections

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The Philippines will once again hold Presidential National and Local Elections on 9 May 2022. Philippine National Elections are fully automated with the Automated Election System (AES) supplied by Smartmatic. The upcoming election, however, is overshadowed by questions left unanswered from the 2016 presidential elections. We analysed 426 log files provided by the Philippines’ Commission on Elections to objectively recreate what transpired during the 2016 elections. These log files were used to gauge the integrity of the Philippine AES using an AES Trust Model developed by this research. The model consists of eight properties that are considered universally applicable to any automated election, and based on the election event logs, the 2016 election failed most of the properties. Our findings, conclusions and recommendations have been submitted to the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Conduct of Automated Elections.

Apr 13, 2022
Apr 13, 2022
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