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The communication industry is at the beginning of an architectural shift to the 5G Stand Alone (SA) Core. As two-thirds of operators will have begun 5G SA Core deployments by the end of 2021, decisions are being made today that will shape their networks for years to come. To optimize competitiveness, these operators will need to cost-effectively scale their networks for massive growth in data volumes, the variety of user equipment (UE) and applications.
As this growth continues, the increased services and functional requirements will place more demand on the complex 5G core network. Flexible performance available across the network is important to deliver on the benefit of cloud-native technologies for wireless services. Take our short survey now and gain access to your free whitepaper now to see how scalable processors can provide a strong technology foundation for your network core workloads.
Mar 28, 2022
Mar 11, 2022
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This resource is no longer available.