Train your machine vision with Shutterstock images

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Machine vision has tremendous potential to streamline many commercial and industrial processes. How well it works can often depend on the quality of image datasets used to train it. Our recent report on Shutterstock's enormous image database can help with that, and it's yours for free in exchange for taking a short survey on your computer vision purchase plans.

Some of the challenges in putting together a useful training set of images is that they must be well-annotated with metadata. The images may have to represent many aspects of a domain. For example, training a computer to recognize "transportatin" images means not only images of vehicles, but of road signs, toll booths and many other things. You'll learn how Shutterstock's 370 million images can help with this. Take our brief survey and get access to the report now.

Jan 10, 2022
Jan 10, 2022

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