Best way to use HDR video without bogging down your workflow

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If you support video professionals, or are one yourself, you know that HDR video is a compelling format and that yesterday's workstations struggle to deliver it. Frustration and lost productivity is the result. Our new report presents the case history of a noted videographer who's found an answer with Dell Precision workstations, packed with a high-end graphics card and an 8k monitor. The report's free in exchange for taking our short survey on your PC hardware purchase plans.

Learn how it's not just about CPUs and memory. Can your workstations deliver high frame rates? Accurate color? And, yes, fast rendering times? Learn what it takes to accomplish that. Take this brief survey to access this resource and learn more about how this solution tackles HDR video editing.

Dell Technologies & NVIDIA
Nov 18, 2021
Nov 24, 2021

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