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The Limitless Potential of Trusted AI


As organizations around the globe implement AI, ethics, trust, and transparency are becoming increasingly critical. Now, AI models must be continuously refined to meet these standards. For businesses, recognizing the full potential of this technology means first building trust in their platform from a regulatory, systemic, and organizational perspective. Once this is achieved, businesses can be empowered to deliver AI successfully.

In this session, you’ll hear from industry experts at DataRobot, AWS, and Adecco, as they discuss the power of Ethical and Trusted AI and help you build transparency into the fiber of your AI practices. We’re excited to welcome Dr. Nashlie Sephus, Tech Evangelist Amazon AI, to explore her groundbreaking work ensuring ML services yield accurate and fair results; as well as Rachik Laouar, Head of Data Science at The Adecco Group, to talk about his experience putting Ethical AI into action. Also joining the conversation from DataRobot are Ted Kwartler, VP of Trusted AI and Dr. Haniyeh Mahmoudian, Global AI Ethicist who will speak to the importance of keeping AI trustworthy within an organization.

DataRobot and AWS
Nov 16, 2021

This resource is no longer available.