A database platform capable of handling your prized data

KuppingerCole: Finding a Setting Worthy of Your “Crown Jewels”


It’s a hidden truth that data’s true value often comes from the platform—i.e., database—you choose to store, manage, and use it on.

So how can you identify which platform will help you get the most value from your data?

KuppingerCole identifies Oracle Exadata, a combination of a hardware platform optimized for OLTP and OLAP Oracle Database workloads and the database management software to run on it, as platform capable of scaling cloud and on-prem database environments without compromising security or performance.

Access this analyst report to learn how Exadata X9M, the newest generation of this platform, works to expand performance and effectively lower the cost of running databases by nearly 50%.

Oracle and Intel®
Nov 18, 2021
Oct 20, 2021
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