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Protect Every Device with a 6-Step Approach to Clinical and Device Workflow Management


Half of all devices in healthcare organizations are unmanaged, making security the weakest link. It’s no surprise then that 41% of attacks can exploit inherent vulnerabilities in these unmanaged endpoints.

In this e-book, The Healthcare CISO’s Guide to IoT Security, Palo Alto Networks brings an approach to implementing secure clinical and device workflow management in 6 steps. Read on to discover:

  • Drivers behind the IoMT adoption surge
  • How legacy security hinders adoption, innovation and transformation
  • Why most current solutions don’t offer a comprehensive end-to-end IoT security
  • A 6-step approach to protecting every medical device in your network
Palo Alto Networks
Nov 4, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
White Paper

This resource is no longer available.