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3 instant benefits data fabric delivers to your organisation for better business outcomes


Successful digital transformation and AI adoption for enterprises is predicated on utilising ALL the organisation’s data. However, for the businessto derive useful value, they need to integrate, transform and orchestrate their data. Consequently, many organisations have resorted to cobbling together a solution based on a variety of point offerings. The result is a complex and difficult to maintain data management system.

There is a better alternative. One that provides a fully managed experience across hybrid cloud to ingest, prepare, manage, govern and serve business ready data to fuel innovation and growth. This alternative is a data fabric.

This webinar examines the emerging data fabric architecture. It will explore the intelligence and automation built into a data fabric, resulting in an integrated and automated data management system to power a business. The session will delve into topics such how a data fabric:

  • Enables self-service data consumption
  • Automates the integration of data
  • Safeguards the data through embedded governance

Join this session to hear Noel Yuhanna and Beate Porst as they discuss how a data fabric architecture helps enterprises to intelligently liberate their data to improve business decisions, customer experience and drive innovation and growth.

Aug 4, 2021

This resource is no longer available.