The urgency of digital transformation: 5 success factors in 2021

IDC Analyst Connection Video The Urgency of Digital Transformation 5 Success Factors in 2021


The pandemic has had a fundamental impact on business. Every company is dealing with more volatility, uncertainty and complexity, and long term ambitions have become urgent necessities.

Digital transformation may be the answer, but knowing that you need to digitally transform is not the same as knowing how.

In this webinar, Giulia Carosella, IDC Analyst, and Will Watkins, EMEA Transformation Lead at Red Hat, discuss five factors that determine the success of technology investments in 2021.

Tune in now to learn more about:

  • The concept of digital resiliency
  • The growing role of the C-Suite and open culture
  • The importance of compressed innovation practices and technology architectures
Red Hat
Jul 29, 2021
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