Merge the past, present, and future of backup together with FalconStor

FalconStor Software Walkthrough


Relying solely on physical tape or the cloud, for backup and long-term retention, is a recipe for disaster which will only lead to headaches down the road.

That’s why today’s focus is on merging the past, present, and future into the right mix without undertaking a wholesale lift-and-shift of your data protection apparatus.

So, what if you could quickly shift from an all-tape approach to mixing disk, tape, and multi-cloud data protection with greater recoverability and security of your data?

Watch this webcast to learn about FalconStor’s tool that strengthens your data protection and long-term retention goals and discover the secret to right sizing your tape environment by adopting the cloud on your terms.

FalconStor Software
May 30, 2021
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