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How to streamline cloud security and embrace SASE


SASE is changing how organizations manage and secure their networks, users, apps, and devices. Having a foundational understanding of the most vital components of a SASE architecture enables organizations to more successfully converge network and security services in the cloud.

Cisco continues to invest in Cisco Umbrella, the heart of their SASE architecture. It already combines multiple security functions in a unified cloud-native service — delivering the protection you need, anywhere users work, supported by an industry-leading global cloud architecture. Learn how Cisco Umbrella is adding new features that unlock more value for customers:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Remote browser isolation
  • New Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protection added to the cloud-delivered firewall to block attacks
  • Enhanced integrations between Cisco Meraki MX and cloud security
  • New license flexibility to move from on-prem to the cloud

Download the e-book How to Streamline Cloud Security and Embrace SASE to learn more.

Cisco Umbrella
Nov 4, 2021
May 27, 2021

This resource is no longer available.