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When planning your next firewall purchase, the NGFW you’re considering should have the right set of features to handle your organization’s unique requirements. How can you ensure that a new next-gen firewall can meet your needs today as well as tomorrow? 

The best way forward is to test. Read this white paper for the main points to consider and actively test in your future NGFW. You’ll learn the 10 key things security teams need from their next NGFW to counter successful cyberattacks, including:

  • Preventing credential theft and abuse
  • Providing dynamic security policies for dynamic virtual workloads
  • Managing your NGFWs with simple and effective tools
  • Using automation to integrate security and prevent fast-changing threats

Use these guidelines to help facilitate cross-functional conversations and to make sure your NGFW investments will deploy easily, alleviate operational burdens, and offer your organization outstanding protection and value.

Palo Alto Networks
Apr 15, 2021
Apr 15, 2021
White Paper

This resource is no longer available.