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Palo Alto Networks IoT Cybersecurity Report


With so many unsecured internet of things (IoT) devices flooding enterprise networks, the potential for compromise is increasing dramatically. An IoT-related breach can be disastrous, both financially and reputationally, for an organization of any size. As a result, businesses are recognizing that IoT cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but an essential investment in long-term operational sustainability.

Still, IoT security is inherently challenging. As your IoT ecosystem grows in size, connectivity and complexity, so does the difficulty of effectively securing the IoT devices themselves, as well as the information they’re sharing.

Misconceptions surrounding IoT security only add to the scope of the task. This multifaceted challenge requires a comprehensive effort from all stakeholders to integrate IoT security into your current operational strategic priorities. For example, security needs to be implemented on devices across the network, in the cloud and throughout the entire data management process. 

IoT security as a field is still growing and very much in flux, adding to the complexities and difficulties organizations are facing. 

Read the Palo Alto Networks IoT Cybersecurity Report by OMDIA. You’ll learn about the many dynamics that make IoT security challenging and how to overcome them by understanding the capabilities an effective IoT security solution needs.

Palo Alto Networks
Nov 4, 2021
Mar 31, 2021
Analyst Report

This resource is no longer available.