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Cybersecurity has become a war of attrition where organizations, government agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD) are facing new threats every day. But years of poor IT hygiene have limited their visibility into the IT infrastructure. This is not only opening doors into the network for cybercriminals, but it's also preventing organizations from quickly detecting and responding to threats today.

As the stakes are higher than ever before, organizations and government agencies realize that they cannot keep determined bad actors out of their network. But a combination of technology, processes and people can help organizations achieve the speed, adaptability and visibility needed to limit the damage of incidents and restore operations as quickly as possible.

Download this white paper by Chris Wilder, senior analyst for security at Moor Insights & Strategy, as he shares his expertise around:

  • The DoD and intelligence community‚Äôs approach to cybersecurity
  • Best practices to eliminate silos between IT ops and security teams
  • How to deliver a force-multiplier for cybersecurity
Mar 23, 2021
Mar 23, 2021
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This resource is no longer available.