Zero trust for an IoT platform leader

Iot Platform Leader Armis Eliminates Dependency On Vpn Technology, Adopts Axis Zero Trust Solution


Armis Security, an enterprise-class IoT device security platform, had identified an opportunity to further mature and optimize remote access use cases.

This is because at the time, their solution had been providing a less-than-optimal user experience, and although appropriate monitoring controls were implemented to identify insider and external threat events, the process to respond to such an event was not as real-time as desired.

So what was their course of action? Browse this case study to see how Axis was able to help through the introduction of zero-trust network access, and learn how Armis achieved:

  • Greater visibility
  • Continuous monitoring
  • And much more
Axis Security
Nov 18, 2021
Jan 11, 2021
Case Study
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