Cloud Threat Report 2H 2020

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As enterprises move more workloads, apps and users to the cloud, securing those cloud environments becomes more critical than ever.

Unit 42 researchers recently concluded a wide-ranging cloud security study and found that 65% of all cloud security incidents are the result of customer misconfigurations. 

What role does identity and access management (IAM) play in the majority of these incidents? In the new Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, 2H 2020, Unit 42 researchers detail their findings about IAM as well as a number of other cloud native security issues and trends they’ve uncovered in this massive undertaking. 

Shockingly, one simple IAM misconfiguration allowed the team to compromise an entire cloud environment and bypass a full set of security controls. Given the severity of this compromise, the researchers then set out to measure just how pervasive IAM misconfigurations were across each of the major cloud platforms. 

The new cloud threat report details the risks they found as well as their root causes and how best to mitigate them. Read it to learn about the common types of IAM misconfigurations across cloud service providers. You’ll also get a follow-up to previous research on cloud malware and various threat actor groups.

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Feb 8, 2021
Dec 9, 2020
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