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Panda Security Threat Insights Report 2020


With cyber threats continually evolving and proliferating, security professionals of all types, from CISOs to MSPs and other providers need to look beyond the reactive approaches to cybersecurity and embrace a more forward-thinking strategy.

Traditional endpoint protection, with a single layer of technology between you and the world, is no longer viable in and of itself. Considering the increasing costs of skilled cybersecurity professionals, today’s threats are too varied and multiply too quickly for IT providers and the SMB clients they serve to depend on manual, human management of these tools.

In 2020, protecting endpoints against known threats is no longer enough. IT environments must be protected against the unknown as well. After all, once a spotlight is thrown on a cyber threat, new ones will attempt to sneak by in the shadows.

To that end, it’s crucial that IT providers make a shift in their cybersecurity strategy. The latest threats demand a move from single-technology cybersecurity and towards multi-layered cybersecurity solutions that employ behavior-based monitoring (among other features) to root out advanced persistent threats, fileless attacks and other malicious activity.

Panda Security
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 6, 2020
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This resource is no longer available.