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Five Heroic Measures IT Teams Must Take to Navigate the “Back to Office” Phase


Earlier this year, IT teams did a super-human job of rapidly enabling employees to work remotely during the pandemic. The stories were amazing – with some technologists standing up environments in weeks – or even a matter of days. Now, IT leaders realize that “Back-to-Office” isn’t “remote work in reverse.” IT departments have to consider more than just how to support remote and office workers at the same time. It’s more complicated than that given thin IT budgets, new post-COVID-19 requirements, and new employee perspectives on what a great technology experience really is. The new normal requires efficient technology infrastructure that facilitates employee productivity, keeps business data and intellectual property secure, and allows IT departments to be agile enough to seize opportunities. IT needs to be able to respond to whatever comes next.  Take 30 minutes to learn five heroic measures you can take -- cost effectively – to support this next phase of work.

  • Provide a unified work experience no matter where work gets done.
  • Develop an endpoint device strategy that reduces costs.
  • Rethink security with a zero trust approach.
  • Reduce onboarding costs for all workers, including gig workers and contractors.
  • Give yourself options for scalable, flexible deployment.
Aug 13, 2020

This resource is no longer available.