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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): How to Scale and Optimize for Today’s Realities


In a constantly changing world, the business imperative to equip your workforce with the ability to work from remote locations as part of your business resiliency strategy has never been more urgent.

In this solution brief by VMware and Intel, find out how diverse organizations around the world – from a U.S. college, to a Swedish health center, to a German municipal sanitation company – have successfully implemented virtual desktop solutions.

Learn how recent technology advances reduce TCO per VDI user by up to 16% while supporting up to 87% more virtual desktops.

VMware and Intel provide IT organizations a path to digital transformation, delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations across data centers and public clouds to accelerate application speed and agility for business innovation and growth.

VMware Intel
Jul 23, 2021
Aug 13, 2020
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This resource is no longer available.