Face disaster head-on with 4 improvements for your DR plan

Preparing for the Inevitable: A Disaster Recovery Webinar


Are you a hoper, planner, or know-it-all when it comes to your backup and disaster recovery plans for your organization?

Hopers make backups of their systems and hope they work. Planners have a plan for disaster recovery, but it’s never been tested. Know-it-alls have a false sense of security with disaster recovery plans, thinking it’s set when it really might not be.

Whatever position you are in, there is likely more you can be doing to ensure nearly airtight recovery.

Watch this webcast, from the thought leaders at OffSiteDataSync and Veeam, to learn 4 ways you can optimize your data protection and DR efforts.

OffSiteDataSync and Veeam
Feb 27, 2020, 05:00 EST (10:00 GMT)
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