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Secure File Transfer Guided Demo


IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer Demo - simplify and scale your file transfers. Companies of all sizes in every industry are extremely reliant on file transfer as an essential infrastructure to power business. In fact, 55% of all systems integration is still done through file transfer. 

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer is a battle-tested platform that secures and simplifies scalable file-based transactions.

In a single offering, you can:


  • Automate inbound and outbound file transfer across multiple protocols so you can partner with anyone, anywhere.
  • Handle your most demanding workloads with reliable, point-to-point file transfers.
  • Gain full end-to-end visibility and governance to help you meet your service level agreements.
  • Protect your brand reputation and comply with tightening regulations. 
21 Nov 2019

This resource is no longer available.