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The JFrog Journey to Kubernetes


Kubernetes has become the de facto leading orchestration tool in the market and not only for technology companies, but for all companies as it allows you to quickly and predictably deploy your applications, scale them on the fly, and seamlessly roll out new features while efficiently utilizing your hardware resources.

The JFrog journey with Kubernetes started when JFrog was seeking a suitable container orchestration solution to spin up a fully functional environment for internal purposes. Their developers needed to test their very complex environments, including JFrog Artifactory and other products. In parallel to that, they needed to provide the program and product managers with a fully functional environment for demoing the JFrog Enterprise+ platform to their customers.

To meet their needs, each product required an independent CI/CD development environment allowing for testing the individual branches in isolation from others while testing the interaction between the branches.

As they gained confidence in Kubernetes, they acknowledged the value of distributing the JFrog products to Kubernetes while having the ability to run the applications across different staging, development and production environments. Kubernetes also allowed them to better utilize their resources as they no longer were required to spin up a single VM for deploying each product separately. In this white paper, they share their best practices, tips, and lessons learned when taking your containerized applications all the way to production with Kubernetes.

21 Oct 2019
21 Oct 2019
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White Paper

This resource is no longer available.