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Modernize your application development with cloud-native databases


The performance of your application relies on two things: its design, and the performance of the back-end database. It's critical to ensure that both your application and your database environment are optimized for your business-critical applications.

Percona has helped thousands of customers successfully deploy open source databases in the cloud - achieving improved performance, better cost savings, and increased ROI. With Amazon Aurora, you can mitigate much of the basic operational side of database deployment, and radically simplify server provisioning. By leveraging Percona's database expertise, you can augment Amazon Aurora to remove the challenges of successfully deploying and utilizing these modern database technologies. Percona can help you to ensure safe, optimal, and performant configurations, queries, and schema definitions in line with industry best practices.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • How to build better products faster by leveraging the latest AWS database technologies
  • How Amazon Aurora will help you build modern applications to address today’s business needs
  • Best practices to help you innovate in the cloud
  • How you can benefit from Percona’s migration expertise
  • Proven customer use cases, such has how Percona helped Madwire use Amazon Aurora to improve performance
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28 Aug 2019
28 Aug 2019
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This resource is no longer available.