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Architect your applications for the future with cloud-native databases on AWS


Modern application development is an approach to designing, building, and managing applications that will help you increase agility, scalability, and availability. Amazon Aurora is a cloud-native database that supports microservices architectures and was designed to help customers build modern applications.

Datavail, one of the largest database administration companies in North America, has worked with dozens of customers to modernize their applications on Amazon Aurora and optimize performance for both scale and speed. Datavail can help you with all of your database migration, optimization, monitoring, and administration needs.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • How modern application development best practices will help you build better products faster
  • Why Amazon Aurora is the best choice for relational, cloud-native databases today
  • How Datavail, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner, can help monitor and manage your databases
  • How seoClarity is using Amazon Aurora to store and analyze tens of terabytes of data
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28 Aug 2019
28 Aug 2019
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This resource is no longer available.