Infographic: Which 5G applications will transform your business?

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2019 saw the rollout of the first 5G networks in the UK. According to a recent forecast by the GSMA, over 1.4 billion connections will be on 5G by 2025. The technology promises not only more speed, but more capacity and lower latency.

It is the enhanced latency that is very likely to bring to fruition a number of interesting technologies, such as augmented reality and self-driving cars.

While one day 5G will transform the way businesses operate, from faster transactions in financial services to changing the way manufacturers create and distribute their products, this won’t happen overnight, according to Harry Chima, UK head of CIO Advisory at Infosys Consulting.

He says that given that many of the potential applications of 5G are still in such early phases of development, business leaders, and in particular CIOs, should question the “need for speed”.

“While 5G clearly presents opportunities for businesses, it could prove to be an expensive headache,” he says. “Service providers will have to invest in upgrading their networks before they see increased revenue from new superfast services. Meanwhile, CIOs are being tasked with creating a 5G strategy without truly knowing the opportunities, capabilities or challenges that lay ahead.”

But beyond the hype, what applications are likely to be of interest and use to the enterprise and industry?

Feb 8, 2021
Aug 14, 2019
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