CW APAC: Buyer's guide to NVMe storage

CW APAC: Buyer's guide to NVMe storage


Non-volatile memory express, or NVMe, hasn’t been around for long, so it’s not surprising there’s confusion about it. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how NVMe storage is gaining popularity in the race to reduce latency and speed up application performance, throws light on seven misconceptions around the use of NVMe and finds out what makes it the perfect partner for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Also in this issue:

  • Moving beyond NVMe misconceptions: Find out what you need to know to escape the common misperceptions about NVMe technology 
  • NVMe for AI – a powerful pairing: NVMe storage capabilities provide the bandwidth and low latency that demanding AI and machine learning applications need to access and manage the huge amounts of data they use
Jul 12, 2021
Jun 20, 2019
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