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Create the Ideal Customer Experience Without Giving Up Control


In this video from Lucidworks, CEO and President of Cirrus10, Peter Curran, and VP of Product Marketing at Lucidworks, Justin Sears, discus how organizations can use AI to create better customer experiences without sacrificing business control.

Inside, you’ll discover how to leverage your current technology investments to boost conversion rates, and explore how AI-powered search can give your organization the high-quality, human-touch shopping experiences needed to set your brand apart.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to:

  • Continuously improve the shopping experience
  • Use AI tools to quickly improve CTR, ATC and AOV metrics
  • Reduce exit rates, zero results, and cart abandonment
  • Eliminate the hours spent maintaining merchandising business rules
  • And more
10 Apr 2019

This resource is no longer available.