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Modernize Your SQL Server Environment with VMware Cloud on AWS


Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most common workloads that enterprises run in on-premises VMware environments. It is also one of the most popular workloads that enterprises are migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS. As the SQL Server 2008 end of support quickly approaches, VMware Cloud on AWS offers enterprises an easy, fast, and low-risk option to upgrade to a new version of SQL Server and transition it to an as-a-service infrastructure.

This webinar will discuss the benefits and details of migrating and running your SQL Server database on VMware Cloud on AWS. It will also demonstrate how to architect and modernize your SQL Server environment to take advantage of a wide range of native AWS services. Time will be reserved at the end for questions and answers.

Register now to learn:
- The benefits of accelerated provisioning and automated database patching
- How rapidly scaling database memory can help improve performance
- Ways to keep your data safe with backup point-in-time restore capabilities

Amazon Web Services
09 Apr 2019
07 May 2019

This resource is no longer available.