ASEAN CIO trends

ASEAN CIO trends


Computer Weekly’s APAC CIO advisory panel recently gathered for the first time to share their thoughts on digital transformation and what the term means to them. Kicking off the lively discussion was MyRepublic CIO Eugene Yeo who remarked that digital transformation isn’t just about adopting new technology.
Just as important is the need for employees to embrace a mindset of change and this is already being demonstrated in how MyRepublic develops new applications with a DevOps mentality where changes are expected and not frowned upon.
Manik Narayan Saha, the CIO of SAP Asia-Pacific, and Kwong Yuk Wah, CIO of NTUC, were of the same view that digital transformation isn’t a new undertaking. In fact, digital transformation started at the dawn of computerisation in the 1960s when enterprises started using computers to run some parts of their operations.

The CIOs then went on to share more about how they managed an inter-generational workforce amid their digital transformation efforts, how they have been measuring the success of digital initiatives, and perhaps more importantly, their change management strategy.
In this e-guide, read more about the issues that ASEAN CIOs are facing and how they are overcoming challenges such as cyber security, talent management and organisational barriers to change.

18 Mar 2019
18 Mar 2019
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