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DevSecOps: Key to Expanding the Borders of Critical, Pervasive Visibility in the Digital Age


This paper focuses on the need for development, security and operations teams (DevSecOps) to deliver high performance and secure application functionality required of the business and it’s end-users.

Delivering on this expectation requires end-to-end visibility across the entire hybrid IT landscape via continuous monitoring and assurance of a quality user experience by proactively resolving issues before they impact customers.

Such visibility must begin with system-level telemetry that provides visibility into system behavior at the network level including all interdependencies among systems. Achieving this outcome goes beyond traditional dev ops tools, management and methodologies for monitoring.

Explore in this paper:

  • Understanding the IT Requirements that leads the modern enterprise to shift from DevOps to DevSecOps management.
  • How the benefits DevSecOps goes beyond reducing MTTR to continuously improving and maturing- proactively reducing the overall number of failures through the deployment of the right tools and methodologies.
  • How NETSCOUT provides holistic visibility and continuous monitoring needed for system-level visibility to protect the deployment pipeline at the speed the business demands
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16 Jan 2019
16 Jan 2019
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This resource is no longer available.