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The Value of Personalization for B2B Companies


Personalization is top of mind for many organizations – in fact, 67% of marketers are pursuing personalization today.

And while personalization is critical to engaging audiences in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, it’s challenging for organizations to understand where exactly to start.

In this webinar, learn about industry and market insight from Sirius Decision about the value personalization can deliver to your business, as well as a multi-step approach to enabling data-driven personalization at your organization.

Find answers to questions such as:

  • Why is personalization critical to my brands survival?
  • Who do I personalize to?
  • How do I tailor my content effectively?
  • What do I do with my data?
  • And where do I start?
Acquia, Inc.
16 Sep 2018

This resource is no longer available.