CW Benelux ezine November 2018

CW Benelux ezine November 2018


Who would have thought there would be any barriers to launching a company offering app-based bike sharing in cities like Amsterdam? Why is it not the perfect combo? The take-up of the latest apps is high in the Netherlands, and the bike is the chosen mode of transport for many.

But there are challenges, it seems. The law makers in various cities are planning to limit the number of sharing bikes in the city to reduce congestion, so the numerous startups offering the service might have to think again. Could scooters face a similar obstacle?

Read in this issue how companies offering scooter sharing schemes are eyeing the opportunities in Dutch cities. The founder of SwheelS2Go, as one is known, hopes his groundwork with local authorities will  ensure his company can play by the rules and mount an even bigger challenge for the bike sharing startups as a competitor they never expected.

Another area where the Netherlands has a challenge is in the chatbot market. With only a relatively small number of people in the world speaking Dutch, suppliers have not been investing in the creation of Dutch-speaking chatbots

Feb 8, 2021
Nov 8, 2018
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