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How Stitch Fix is Building a High-Performing, DevOps Focused Security Team


Building a security team isn’t easy, let alone a high-performing one. With the expansion of DevOps practices requiring faster delivery times, security teams feel even more pressure to become an enabler instead of a blocker.

In this webinar, Charles Nwatu, Director of Security at Stitch Fix, discusses the many challenges he faces while building his own high-performing, DevOps focused security team, and how he is overcoming them.

Tune in if you are a security pro looking to:

  • Better integrate security practices with their DevOps teams
  • Build the skills sets needed to work fluidly with DevOps teams
  • Automate more security into their SLDC
  • Shift their security operations left and right
Signal Sciences
22 Oct 2018

This resource is no longer available.