Break the performance bottleneck with these storage, network tips

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The desire to break the performance bottleneck is behind the question: Does it make more sense to move the data or the compute? Conventional wisdom dictates the latter. It's simpler to move an executable than vast quantities of data. There are circumstances, however, when it's too costly and complex to move the compute. And moving data is more practical in terms of security, collaboration and workflow dynamics, and infrastructure design.

We also look at how hard cost and scaling limits mean the end of NAND flash's run is in sight. New memory technologies are in development to keep Moore's Law in motion. Intel-Micron's 3D XPoint is already available, though it isn't supposed to replace NAND SSDs, but rather act as a new memory layer between it and dynamic RAM. Others include phase-change memory, ferroelectric RAM and more. Learn about these technologies and where NAND flash is going.

TechTarget Storage
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 28, 2018
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