No Backup is an Island: Are there real benefits to cloud backup?

KeepItSafe No backup is an Island: The Value of the Cloud in your Backup Strategy


You have on-premises backup in place, but you've been inundated with work to form a data backup cloud strategy—and now you’re wondering how. Are there real benefits to backup in the cloud, or is it just a way to shift the responsibilities?

If the cloud really does provide real value, how can you best leverage it to meet your organization’s needs?

In this educational webcast, join backup expert Nick Cavalancia from Techvangelism, and Trenton Baker from KeepItSafe, as they discuss:

  • Downsides of local and on-premises backups
  • Shifting on-premises backups to the cloud
  • How to justify cloud backups
  • And more

Tune in as they help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using cloud backup. 

19 Sep 2018
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