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How to Secure Your Content in the Cloud with Box


It seems like every week there's news of another security breach where customer data is stolen. Studies show a single security breach can result in a 5% drop in your company's stock price and damage your relationship with almost one third of your customers.

If you're going to be a digital-first company, you need digital-first security. At Box, security and governance are woven into Cloud Content Management so you get a single, secure platform to manage all of your content across the extended enterprise.

This new e-book, How to Secure your Content in the Cloud with Box, is a great overview of the Box approach to security, governance, compliance and data protection certifications. You'll learn how everything we do is built on 4 tenets:

• Zero trust infrastructure protects against threats from outside — and within — your organization
• Zero tolerance for a poor user experience — security shouldn't come at the price of user satisfaction
• Provide a centralized content layer in the cloud for easier management, security and governance
• Security that travels with your content so you get Box-level security wherever your content goes

Download this great introduction to how Box delivers comprehensive security for all your content.

19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018
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This resource is no longer available.