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Reporting to the Board - A Toolkit for CISOs


Cybersecurity, once relegated to the back office of the business, is now a front and center priority for boards of directors. As businesses become more digitally empowered, cyberthreats find more ways to breach defenses, increasing the risk to business operations.

From loss of revenue to legal liability and reputational damage, boards of directors bear the responsibility for appropriate oversight of the risks associated with a breach.

To execute their due diligence, they rely on their organization’s cybersecurity leader to help them understand two things: What are the risks to the business, and how well is the company managing those risks?

Download this toolkit, where you’ll find:

  • Steps for building a foundational relationship with your board
  • Techniques for implementing a successful reporting process
  • Tips for creating a board presentation agenda that will help you establish your role as a trusted and credible leader
  • And more

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13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018
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This resource is no longer available.