VSphere vs. KVM: Assessing hypervisors in hyper-convergence

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Hyper-converged infrastructure has become a complex segment of the data center architecture market and so too has the architecture's support for hypervisors. A number of HCI vendors have turned to the kernel-based virtual machine hypervisor as an alternative to vSphere.

This vSphere vs. KVM competition illustrates the evolution of hypervisors in hyper-convergence. KVM offers several advantages, including lower cost.

There are tradeoffs to taking the KVM route in the vSphere vs. KVM sweepstakes. We explain what those are and assess where hypervisors fit in hyper-convergence. 

We also look at how traditional backup no longer meets data recovery expectations -- hence the growing use of alternatives, such as snapshots and replication. However, there are problems with these approaches to data protection. We explore what can be done to successfully combine snapshots and replication with backup. 

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Feb 8, 2021
Sep 6, 2018
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