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Accelerate and Simplify your Security Operations with Fidelis Elevate


In the fast pace world of cybersecurity, security teams need the ability to quickly take actions against threats and data leakage with certainty.

By integrating full network visibility, endpoint detection and response, data loss prevention, and deception, Fidelis Elevate provides understaffed and overwhelmed security teams with context, analysis, and automated workflows.

Tune into this webinar and demo as cybersecurity experts, Kaustubh Jagtap and Marty DeConcilis, show how Fidelis Elevate provides:

  • Visibility across networks, endpoints, and cloud environments
  • Powerful threat detection across all stages of the attack lifecycle
  • Automated threat response 
  • The ability to mitigate data leakage and exfiltration

An active post-breach defense that reduces dwell time

15 Aug 2018

This resource is no longer available.