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How to Wrangle Data for Machine Learning on AWS


Growth in AI and machine learning (ML) has been so steep that by the year 2020, the industry will be worth over $46 billion, according to AWS.

But insights garnered from data can only be as good as the models. If you’re feeding models bad data, you’ll get bad insights that’ll do more harm than good. This is what makes data wrangling a key component to machine learning and data models.  

That’s why this video takes you through:

  • How to wrangle data for machine learning on AWS
  • Why automating your data wrangling tasks can lead to greater data accuracy and deeper insights
  • Ways to reduce your data prep time by 60% or more with self-service data wrangling tools
  • A case study on Consensus and how they used ML to detect fraud
  • And more
AWS - Trifacta
04 Jun 2018

This resource is no longer available.