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Accelerating Your Competitive Edge with All-flash Storage


Several misconceptions abound about all-flash that make some IT pros still hesitant to implement it: they’ve heard flash for all apps is overkill; HDDs are good enough for legacy apps; flash is more expensive than HDDs; the list goes on. But here, Lynda Stadtmueller, VP of Cloud Computing Services at Frost & Sullivan, dishes the real-deal on all-flash.  

By tuning into this video, you’ll hear from Stadtmueller, who will impart her expert advice on flash’s impact in the marketplace and explain how using all-flash will help your organization gain a competitive edge.

Illustrated by two organizations, you’ll learn the tactical and strategic advantages all-flash imparts, including how it enables new data and analytics not possible or accessible on HDDs, and more.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
19 Feb 2018

This resource is no longer available.