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The recipe for hyperfast DevOps instrumentation


Anyone who has participated in the creation of a new software application has seen how much time it can take to set up new infrastructure in which to develop and test. It can take days or weeks to reserve the resources and deploy and test the space.

Find out how to end this delay in The Recipe for Hyperfast DevOps Instrumentation. This e-guide from Chef and Microsoft Azure demonstrates how infrastructure as code (IaC) reduces infrastructure delivery times by powers of 10—or 100. IT managers, developers, and operations managers will learn how IaC can:

  • Increase speed and ingenuity while reducing risk by automating the instrumentation of code environments.
  • Advance your DevOps journey through a simple three-step process.
  • Make dramatic increases in velocity while avoiding the pitfalls of high-speed implementation.
  • Change an organization’s culture in a sustainable, low-risk way for a more collaborative, faster, and more transparent DevOps approach.

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02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018
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This resource is no longer available.